What we Do

What we Do

We would like to make you aware of the full menu of our service offering. Not doing so, would be the same as running a restaurant and not passing out a menu describing all dishes or leaving out a dessert menu or a wine list. We offer all standard accounting services, including:


  1. Accounts preparation for individuals, partnerships and limited companies.
  2. Preparation of VAT returns.
  3. Statutory audits.
  4. Tax compliance and administration work.
    Includes preparation of annual personal, partnership and company tax returns and dealing with tax correspondence as your agent.
  5. Payroll bureau service.
    Routine payroll preparation service on an regular basis including computation of deductions & net pays and employees' payslips production.
  6. Secretarial services
    Includes designated registered office facility and routine secretarial administration and compliance work for and on behalf of the company officers.


  1. Periodic management accounts (e.g. quarterly or monthly) to help clients to grow their business.
    The service focuses on offering reliable, timely and accurate information on the busines financial position and progress (results) at an early stage. Presenting clients with historic accounts about a year after the end of the financial year for tax purposes does nothing to help the entrepreneur because it would be too late to act upon this information.
    Reporting on those management accounts through key ratio analysis, highlighting important positive trends & potential threats and offering recommendations to allow the business owner to take maximum advantage of any favourable trends and steer away from any problems before they become big and threaten the business.
  2. Annual Business Tax planning.
    To help the client to minimise business tax. This includes an annual review of your personal and business circumstances and changes in tax legislation to determine if any changes are required in the way you organise your tax affairs - don't forget there is no catch-all solution in tax!
  3. Inheritance Tax planning.
    Estate and gift planning and recommendations to avoid or minimise exposure to inheritance tax.
  4. Capital Gains Tax planning.
    Consideration of alternative strategies to minimse exposure to capital gains tax in connection with contemplated disposal (sale or gifting) of capital assets.
  5. Review and recommendation to implement an effective and efficient bookkeeping and accounting system. To give the business owner all the information they need to make better business decisions at less cost, time and hassle and allow him to concentrate his efforts where it counts more.
  6. Business plans and forecasts for raising business finance.
  7. Share valuations e.g. valuation of your company's shares for the purpose of setting up employee share schemes or for business acquisitions/disposals.
  8. Goodwill valuations for the purpose of incorporation of self-employment businesses and partnerships or to determine a selling price for your business.
  9. Company formation work including registration with tax authorities and statutory work to meet Companies Act requirements.
  10. Sales invoices preparation. Complete sales invoicing preparation outsourcing service.

The list above is not exhaustive. If you have any questions regarding our services, please feel free to contact us personally at any time. You can call, e-mail, fax or write to us and we will be happy to answer your queries.