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The Greatest Offer Ever Made by an Accountant: FREE ACCOUNTS & BOOKKEEPING !!

  • "I don’t feel comfortable with my accountant, he doesn’t explain things to me in plain language, and I feel that he doesn’t care enough about my business!"
  • "I need an accountant to help me grow my business and save taxes but I don’t know how to choose the right one!”
  • "My accountant takes ages to deliver my accounts, he never returns my calls and he never tells me about changes in the law that affect my business."

All accountants in your eyes seem pretty much the same. So, inevitably, you are running the risk of making an incorrect decision (which in the meantime may set you back in time and money!).

So, how do you make the correct decision?

The straight answer is, you can’t; unless of course, somehow you were given the time and opportunity to judge the service at no risk to you whatsoever.

The offer - we are giving everything away!

We will happily provide you with UP TO A YEAR'S WORTH OF SERVICE TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE. This includes business bookkeeping, VAT returns, preparation of accounts and tax return (and we will even throw in management accounts, unlimited meetings, payroll and tax planning and even save you some taxes for free!) See what is included in the offer Please note that this offer is exclusive only to enquiries generated over the internet.

What happens next?

There are no strings attached during the period covered by the free offer or clauses that lock you in and you can terminate any time. If you are happy with the service provided in the fee free period, and if you think we can work together, we will offer you an affordable and totally FIXED FEE. Our fees are pre-determined and you can see them here. Please note that our fixed fee includes not just the work required by the law (e.g. accounts, tax return, bookkeeping) but also management accounts, tax planning and unlimited support (meetings, phone calls, emails)as standard to help you grow your business and save taxes.

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Hurry though as this unique offer won't last for ever! Please also note that this offer is exclusive to enquiries generated over the internet.

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